Leaps of Faith

It’s gray out. Still cold. And I am just struggling to push through the obligations of the day. So I sat and painted a Leap of faith painting, because maybe it was a better idea than quitting today and just going home. I really enjoy the breaking color & light of these pieces. I took many images of people jumping off the dock some years ago, and it’s good to revisit that warm day of light-heartedness.

leap III

Leap // 12 x 12 x 1.5 // Acrylic on handmade birch wood canvas 2015


About scoutcuomo

Charcoal dust and eraser shavings, oil bars and sketch books, wood, gold pray paint, resin, overly soft blankets, and turpentine, feathers and coffee grinds.


  1. Jenny wAthen

    Thank you for sharing and it is so true. jenny

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