Beneath the Surface

beneath the surface



I often get the question, “when are you going to change subject matter,” when people who have seen my work over the past few years have certainly maintained seeing the trend of a painting life of water.

I appreciate the question, because it lends me an opportunity to speak on Water.

Water is a constant source for inspiration.  It speaks to the abstraction and dynamic color play that paint can be pushed and come back to actually looking like something representational.  Water is the place where all things are born.  Water represents so may metaphorical transformations and is the ground for which the world rebirths and evolves.  Water is a source, it is peace, it is destructive and frightening.  The ocean is a place to explore the unknown and examine the very unique uncountable creatures who make it home.  Water teaches me to explore what is not known to me and just be. I really don’t think you don’t have to be a great swimmer to appreciate the benefits of sensory solitude and the equilibrium the water can bring. Water is larger than we are and pervasive and with that insinuates all the in-between that statement; when people don’t have access to water, when water is polluted, wasted, devastated and over-fished to provide food. Water is life – wild, chaotic, large, healing and destructive.

For me the idea of evolution is a very central aspect of my spirituality.  I mean, a bird, a creature that takes to the sky, was once a creature with scales and once only lived in water.  To me this means, this medium is a catalyst for spiritual growth that quite literally incubates change, pushes me to take risks, and be open for new awakenings.  To me, that awakening is akin to the work of self – to grow and change, love, cultivate, sow, take care, birth, fertility, nurture, bathe, meditate…

Water is source.  For whatever reason, I’ve been drawn to painting and making since before the words.  My parents also told me I taught myself to swim.  They said I must have been no older than 10 months old when I sat beside the pool and just squirmed in. At first they thought I was drowning, until I did it again.  And themes of water take over my dreams. I will paint water until it has finished with me.

Those are my thoughts tonight.  I am working to get some big paintings done for my very first actual gallery show.  It’s not a frame shop and gallery.  It is just a gallery in Northampton, Ma at the APE Gallery.

So here are some works I’m staying up trying to finish in the next two days.




Source – Acrylic, Oil, and resin layering 80″ x 39″

Swept away

Swept Away – Acrylic, OIl, Resin Layering 48″ x 48″

Swept  Away

Swept Away – Acylic, Oil, and resin layering on Wood 48″ x 48″





About scoutcuomo

Charcoal dust and eraser shavings, oil bars and sketch books, wood, gold pray paint, resin, overly soft blankets, and turpentine, feathers and coffee grinds.

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    Seeing as water has always been something we have shared seems fitting to share this.

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