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Part of my commissioned works last week (12) was a 12 x 10 ft painting for The Center School’s Open House this weekend. The idea was created by Joanna Chattman to create a set to take pictures of the kids at the annual Holiday open house.  The project was to help create a fantastical woodland scenery on a canvas backdrop.  A magnificent 5ft tall red speckled toadstool was constructed by Justin Rowland for the kids to pose with.

I’ve had so much work that I wasn’t sure at first that the two days I had to do it would be enough. Granted I knew about it more ahead of time than this, but with Open Studios, a 6 ft painting, and charcoal video animation underway, there was no room in my studio to set up the giaganto canvas until this week.  Generally, adrenaline pretty much works in my favor to keep going at something until it’s done.  So with not much sleep, pizza, and the love for painting all things, it came together in one night.  A few more hours the next day put it in an ok place to let it go home.

magic world smaller


What a fun inspiring adventure into some ideas of thinking BIG I hadn’t considered.  Though I did my share of giant themed paintings for highschool dances… I had never let that integrate into this part of my life again until now.  This just reignited the love of set design to a new level.  I would love to help make more collaborative projects come to life.  If you ever want to do that thing yourself with me, get in touch!

Joanna Chattman is the photographer of this piece.  Her work is beautiful, thoughtful, and magical.  You can find out more about here on her website.

Photo by Chattman Photography

Photo by Chattman Photography 2013 for Ode Boutique


I also did the background piece for a Chattman Photography Advertising Spread for ODE’s Fall Fashion line.  The piece is based loosely off of gold and Gustave Klimt textures last Month.  This was a last minute request for 9ft x 7ft painted background for Chattman Photography.  I completed this piece in one night, and think it is pretty successful.  For the full look by Joanna Chattman, visit Ode’s website.  Ode is a fantastic women’s boutique store located in downtown Northampton, MA and with Krstin Kelly as the mastermind of marrying “fashion, philanthropy, art, and community.”

Chattman Photography for Ode

Chattman Photography for Ode

Photo by Chattman Photography 2013

Photo by Chattman Photography 2013


I’m excited for this kind of huge work to become integrated into next years’ art making.  

I’m e…..

Last minute request for 9ft x 7ft painted background for Chattman Photography




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Charcoal dust and eraser shavings, oil bars and sketch books, wood, gold pray paint, resin, overly soft blankets, and turpentine, feathers and coffee grinds.


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    My sister and her multitude of skills shows off in set design. She constantly amazes me and motivates me to do what I love. If you can, take some time out to go like her facebook page, follow her blog, and or buy a piece! You won’t regret it.

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