Old Memories made New

Custom Portrait Drawings Personalized Charcoal by scoutcuomo.

It has been about 20 years since my grandpa passed.    Many people have passed in my life since those years, Yet, not a week goes by that I don’t think about this man from my childhood.  I think often that if I keep him close to mind it will remind him to come visit me here in my life.  It’s my way of keeping him close.

My cousin asked me if I would combine some images of him with my Grandma from when her dad was young.  So today, after a little tiny bit of sitting and thinking about Grandpa again, I drew this out.  It isn’t complete yet.  I know that many of my posted works here are not, but I was excited to share with her what I had come up with so far.  I was also so thankful for another way to be close to my grandfather today.  o life. you break my heart.



About scoutcuomo

Charcoal dust and eraser shavings, oil bars and sketch books, wood, gold pray paint, resin, overly soft blankets, and turpentine, feathers and coffee grinds.

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