Alexander Semenov

I found these incredible images when looking for inspiration for my jelly fish windows.  Then I looked through his underwater images on Flicker AND THEN i had to find him on facebook and ask him to be my friend.  But check this guy out!

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Russian photographer Alexander Semenov told BuzzFeed that he started taking pictures in 2007, and a year later he began his “underwater experiments” – taking pictures of life in the White Sea. He has published hundreds of these so-called experiments, and they are small masterpieces and beautiful examples of earth’s vibrant undersea universe.

If you have a moment, check out more of his images & projects

here .

Perhaps you’ll want to donate to his extraordinary project.


” Hi there! My name is Alexander Semenov, I’m a marine biologist and a professional underwater photographer. Also I’m a head of the scientific divers team at the  White Sea Biological Station of Lomonosov’s Moscow State University, Russia. Our station was founded in 1938 and mostly it was built by enthusiasts who came here because of the amazing atmosphere that had being developed over many years at the station. This is an unusual and unique mix of students energy, serious science and the harsh northern nature.

Over the summer season, the station has more than 600 visitors: students, PhDs, scientists from different countries and volunteers, and they all leave the station happy looking forward to come back again and again. Theese people were gathered into volunteer construction teams and came to the station every year, reaching out electricity, building materials and with their own hands were building biological station from scratch. Now it is a modern scientific village at the Kindo peninsula on the border of the Arctic Circle. It’s isolated settlement with no road — it is possible to get there only by boat or snowmobile in winter when the sea is covered with ice.”

Another dark and dreamy image by Ellen Muller (Netherlands Antilles) Gallery.  These things should keep me busy painting for life.  How gorgeous. — with Ellen Muller.


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  1. chrisgentes

    This is cool. yes – more jellyfish paintings : )

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