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It’s time for some srping cleaning.  Here

While the popularity of Etsy is ever increasing, there are still many who might wonder why shopping Etsy is worthwhile. Here is a little about Etsy to help explain what it is all about to those who may be unfamiliar with it. Just like any online marketplace, there is a wide variety of shops and quality in items and service, so make sure you read feedback and ask any questions you might have of the seller. Overall, Etsy is a wonderful way to directly support the “little guy” and in doing so, find some unique, excellent quality merchandise! Please note that the sustainability movement mentioned below does not apply to every shop on Etsy, however there are many, many wonderful shops that are dedicated to sustainability and quality over mass-produced.

are some items you can find on my etsy store that have priced down.


About scoutcuomo

Charcoal dust and eraser shavings, oil bars and sketch books, wood, gold pray paint, resin, overly soft blankets, and turpentine, feathers and coffee grinds.

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